Eastern European (Romani) Gypsy Music
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Parno Drom at the 2011 Vancouver Christmas Market!

On Saturday evening, December 10, 2011, a caravan of European Gypsies rolled into square of the Vancouver Christmas Market Village. Known as Parno Drom, (Milky Way or White Road in Romany), this professional and semi professional troupe performed an Eastern European style of Gypsy music. The ensembles 2 hour show featured lively gypsy music and songs, which were sung in the Russian, Polish and Romany languages. There was Bob Kozak, the founder, on his accordion, Vinh Nguyen on violin, Slava Alexandrov on guitar and Diana Carter as one of the vocalists. The troupe was colourful, lively and entertaining. There was also lots of audience participation, yes, as in singing and dancing.(  I was surprised at the number of people in the audience singing along with the band. How they knew all the words baffled me.) In addition, the magical stilt performers from the Public Dreams organization also participated. They moved to the beat of the music around the stage area and had fun dancing with some children. It was great to see a variety of generations from the very young to those of a certain age appreciating and enjoying the show.
If you would like to know more about the troupe, please visit their website at You may also see pieces of their Christmas show on the TV weekly section of this website. Enjoy!

by Marysia Filipowski