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Paulina Vega Márquez - dance

As María Fux said, “the 2nd of January when I was born I was already dancing”.

For a long time I stopped dancing because my priorities where placed somewhere else, then one day when I was on a bus I saw a poster inviting people to take dancing lessons, and so I went.

I studied at Scarabée Danza for 2 years. During the second year Denise Reyes, director and teacher, invited me to be part of her Oriental Dance Company and to perform in different events, mainly in small shows at restaurants and cultural forums, and also at the Xalapa Baila 2013 Festival.

This was my first approach to the stage after several years of not dancing. I began to develop what in Spanish we call tablas. While my time at Scarabée I studied not only oriental dance (also known as bellydance), but also contemporary dance, ballet technique, african dance from Guinea, gipsy dances, corporal expression, interpretation and theater techniques, music and rhythm.After a year of dancing with Scarabée Danza I felt I needed to seek somewhere else for that thing that was still missing. At that moment I departed the company and went on a search of my own through different dance disciplines, schools and places.