Eastern European (Romani) Gypsy Music
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Katya Kiselyova - vocal

Katerina Kiselyova hails from the Ukraine, where she began her musical career at age 15. 

This brilliant musician managed to complete a seven-year music school program in only three years, achieving top honors in piano and guitar. 

She went on to study choral conducting
Nikolaev University, as well as orchestral conducting and classical guitar at Donesk Academy of Music.  Before emigrating to Canada she worked for several years at the Children’s Music School in Kiev, Ukraine, teaching classical guitar, ensemble, choir and theory. 

She currently holds the position of Music Director and Choir Conductor at Palme Theatre in Vancouver, and performs with the Russian Community Centre Folk Balalaika Orchestra.

She joined Parno Drom in 2012, and is looking forward to performing with them at many festivals and venues in Canada and Internationally.