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Jafelin Helten - dance / vocal

Jafelin was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, a country where Spanish influence is ever-present.  Oddly enough, Jafelin’s lifelong interest in Flamenco only bloomed upon her coming to Canada in 1996.  Her particular talent as Cantaora (singer) didn’t go unnoticed, and It wasn’t long before Jafelin became a regular in Flamenco circles.  She has been working as a professional singer now for over 15 years. She has worked and performed with many Spanish artists across Canada and internationally.  Today, Jafelin is one of Canada's preeminent Flamenco and Latin singers with many Spanish genres in her repertoire.  In late 2015, Jafelin co-produced the popular concert tour, FlamenCubana!, along with her husband.  She performed with 12 great Spanish Flamenco and Cuban artists to the delight of audiences in Vancouver, Victoria and Naniamo.

She has recorded three albums.  The most recent, a collaboration with the unique international Cuban band Brisas Del Palmar recorded in Santiago de Cuba in 2015.