Eastern European (Romani) Gypsy Music
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Cristian Herki - violin

2019 - present

Being a third generation Concert violinist is a remarkable place to start. Add a rare 200 years old violin and a range of music from Classical to Jazz (and just about everything in between) and you have a magnificent performance that has thrilled audiences worldwide.
Cristian Herki is of Romanian-Hungarian descent and has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master degree in music performance at "G. Dima" Music Academy of Cluj Napoca, Romania.
From intimate venues to international theaters, concert halls and churches, cruise ships around the world, senior houses and synagogues, Cristian wows the crowds with his exquisite violin skills and warm original tone.
Summing things up…Cristian is an incredible showman. A true experience for all age groups and audiences. With his amazing talents and his endearing and light hearted personality, you will be swept away by the touch of an artist upon the strings.
Den West , Multi-Instrumentalist Tennessee, USA