Eastern European Romani (Gypsy) Music
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B i o g r a p h y
Bob Kozak - accordion / vocal
2011 - present

Polish born Robert Kozak
discovered his passion for music
at the age of nine.
His childhood music professor,
Wojciech Dudzik, introduced him
to the accordion and helped him
master the playing. more...

Libor Michalak - clarinet/ double bass

2017 - present

Enrique Estrada - guitar

2018 - present

Katya Kiselyova

- vocal / tambourine

2012 - present

Katerina Kiselyova hails from

the Ukraine, where she began
her musical career at age 15. 

This brilliant musician
managed to complete

a seven-year music school

program in only three years,
achieving top honors in piano

and guitar. more ... 

Ben Meti - accordion / vocal

2017 - present

Elizabeth Lesztak - dance

2018 - present

"Elizabeth is excited to share her love of dance both as a form of artistic expression and cultural appreciation. She feels that it is through the exploration of dance that a greater connection to self awareness and human experience can be shared, providing us a deeper richness of creative experience.". more...


Vinny Linhares - guitar / vocal

2017 - present